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Classic Food Store Website

Dave’s Noodle project was done by co-operation between developer and its owners. All of the branch owner contributed to some of the website content including lots of professional photos for its menu, and ingredient details. It’s been planned and developed within one month. Later on, with its brand recognition and just basic SEO, it had a steady visitor stream since.

Juggling the requirements among independent owners of each franchise store

Dave's Noodles have 6 outlets in Kingston, Moonah, Launceston, Mowbray, Brunie, and Hobart CBD. Each franchise owned by individual business owners who have very high level of independence to manage their own branch including change pricing, adding items to the menu.

Due to different price among branches, some are cheaper some are expensive. Owners didn’t want the price to show up on the website, so no price is shown on website in the end.

Branches like Launceston and Mowbray have extra items on menu and its unique to them. So, menus are categorised into different branches. Items are unique some certain branch and won’t show up on general search.

Highlighting franchise and Brand Recognition

The fact that Dave’s Noodles had 6 branches, it delivers a strong message to customer that they provide quality food. To further more enhance their brand recognition, we used a real-estate style google map widget to list all their branches. It’s placed right above the contact page, where encourages people to make conversion.

Desktop contact
Desktop contact 2

Mobile Respsonsive

Solving business issue with website

The biggest issue for Dave’s Noodles were that the customer would call one branch and trying to place order for another branch. Their branches are independent stores, and they can’t share orders between branches.

To tackle on this problem, we made the website display branches information separately. And discourage people calling one branch and trying to order from another branch. Apart from that, on the page of each meal we highlight its available branch. On contact page, its listed branch’s phone number and address right next to each other, to encourage people to think they should order items from the branch near them.

Menu search and its ingredients

Dave’s Noodle website provide search function allow user to search an ingredient or branch and show its associated menu item. For example, you can search “Spicy” for all spicy items on menu. You can search “Moonah Spicy” for all spicy items in moonah branch’s menu.