Our Website & Marketing Services

With over two decades of experience and bodies of work in the ever changing digital world, our website and digital marketing team are best placed to make your dreams come true. Whether you’re looking to win over new audiences and seek new opportunities from an online perspective, or create a truly beautiful space to call your own in the form of a website - our team will be on hand.

Below are the core components of what we offer businesses and organisations in Hobart. Click on each to read more about specifically what we can offer, and what sets us apart in the industry.

Web Design

First Impressions Count

Just like your physical bricks-and-mortar store, how your website looks will tell customers everything that they need to know about you, including your standing in the marketplace.

True website design can be so much more than just making a good first impression, though. A design that fosters a positive user experience and one that offers visual cues to utilise your services and products can set your website apart from your competitors.

Web Development

Make The Most Of Your Digital Space

A lot can be said about the coding underneath a website, but one undeniable truth is that it holds everything together. Even the prettiest website design can’t survive without good coding.

Coding is what we do best here at DigiBite Studio. Our team are fluent in almost every coding language that you can think of, and will know what works, when it works, and where it works, to make sure your online project stands the test of time in the ever changing online world.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Expand Your Audience & Reach

Search engine optimisation might sound like a series of buzz words, but it is the main driver of audiences to websites in all industries and sectors right across the world.

Our gurus have a wide breadth of experience in implementing SEO principles across all industries, both large and small. They will be in the best position to help you achieve traffic numbers beyond your wildest dreams.

Digital Marketing

Find New Customers and Reconnect with Existing Clients

The greater world of digital marketing can provide amazing opportunities for growth and expansion into new markets, whilst also rekindling a link with previous users.

Our digital marketing team is hugely experienced and ready to deliver. Our approach is to seek out your core demographics, look for new opportunities, and craft a campaign that sticks to your budget, whilst also delivering on your desired outcomes.

Social Media Marketing

Engage and Connect with Your Core Audience

Social media marketing has allowed small businesses start from scratch and catch up with bigger players quickly, creating for these brands an ever loyal customer base.

Our social media marketing efforts focus on transforming your brand into a go-to for expert opinions and advice relating to your primary product or service. As well as promoting your most valuable information, we alone will be able to provide your brand with that elusive human touch.