See Your Brand Thrive on the Digital Stage

Digital marketing is fast becoming the most popular form of advertising not just here in Hobart, but across the whole country, in some cases outstripping traditional media investment.

The reason for its popularity is two-fold; any digital marketing campaign can be fine tuned to reach only those who will be more open to your product or service, and on a cost basis, such a campaign can be extremely inexpensive to run (an average campaign can cost as little as $0.07 per person reached).

At DigiBite Studio, our digital marketing team in Hobart have been utilising powerful marketing platforms since their inception. Their decade’s worth of experience will be put to good use to ensure you can reach a willing audience eager to hear what you have to say.

Whether it be for brand awareness, a considered remarketing campaign, or ever growing platforms such as YouTube, you can trust that our digital marketing team will know how to reach out to both a new and a committed audience of customers.

Know Your Market, Competitors and Budget

Effective Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is a powerful tool that can allow you to reach both old and new customers in Hobart and beyond.

Ideal for businesses that sell immediate retail products or emergency services such as repair and maintenance work, these ads can not only add more users to your website, but even create prompt leads of enquiry - if refined to accomplish this goal.

Utilising an algorithm that works in a similar manner to the company’s search engine, your ads will be displayed in front of those you wish to target. The targeting mechanism is Google Ads’ most effective party piece, allowing you to refine your ads to be shown to your preferred age demographic, gender, and even interests and user behaviour.

The effectiveness of the platform has meant it has become the lead form of online advertisingin Hobart. A quality campaign can contribute an additional 5-15% of new users to your website’s monthly traffic on average.

Pretty and Compelling Display Advertising

Want to get your name out there as much as possible for as little as possible?

Display advertising is the go-to for businesses who have either just opened their doors for the first time and want to shout about it from the rooftops, or have the budget to spend to get their name out there a little bit more.

Our display advertising gurus know how to make the most out of the minimal display space at their disposal to create imagery that will not just capture the eye, but also compel users to click and go to your website.

Best of all, display advertising is fantastic for those who are conscious about results from investment. Even a modest budget can potentially reach tens of thousands of new internet surfers each month.

Remarketing Campaigns that Work

Digital remarketing has long been the holy grail of any online advertising campaign. Simply put, remarketing campaigns are driven to turn one-time customers into ever returning, loyal followers.

The nuts and bolts of a remarketing campaign are rather simple. Utilising Google Ads’ display advertising platform, the campaign will hone in on those who have previously visited your website. By doing this, an effective remarketing platform can entice old customers to return once more.

Great for creating an ever returning user base, or even more refined campaigns such as showcasing monthly specials or even good news, a great remarketing strategy can reap heaps of benefits for you and your customer base.

See Your Name on the Small Screen (YouTube Advertising)

Once the domain of a younger generation, YouTube is being enthusiastically used by an ever growing cohort of varying demographics, eager to find or to learn new things.

YouTube advertising has become a huge slice of Australia’s and indeed Hobart’s online advertising pie. It offers businesses the opportunity to showcase their ads alongside like minded or similarly themed videos for both conversion and awareness purposes, and has proven to be far more affordable than traditional advertising on a cost-per-view basis.

YouTube advertising is quickly growing in both importance and popularity, mainly driven by a now long-noticed trend of internet users preferring their mobile devices over a stand alone PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is rather unique amongst most other services in that, whilst a well considered campaign will require quite some hefty work and research done to have it up and running initially, once it is running it requires a cursory glance and monitoring to make sure it’s hitting the right targets.

All campaigns will require tweaks to maintain its performance, as in many cases how other businesses are using the platform may impact your own results, but it is definitely one of the easier ways in which to get your name out there.

Online advertising campaigns are really cost upon what the desired outcome is.

As an example, if the main goal of the campaign is to just get some additional awareness going about your business and what it can offer, you would be looking at an ad spend budget of around $350-500 per month.

That is just the ad spend that is taken by Google for any campaign run. To create and manage it over its duration will cost additionally.

Industry standard is your ad spend budget, plus a monthly charge on top so that we can make sure the campaign is humming along nicely and hitting the benchmarks that you so desire.

The ad spend is totally dependent on what you are willing to invest into Google to have your ads displayed. An agency such as ourselves don’t touch this, as it is billed and invoiced out by Google. The monthly management fee allows us to fine tune your campaign to make sure it always delivers for you.

Using our small business example from before, such a fee for a small business campaign (again dependent on what the campaign is set out to do) would cost around $100-150.

The sky is the limit! There is never a restriction on what you can do with the platform, and the savvier of businesses will often utilise numerous campaigns, and even seasonal 2 month burst campaigns, to achieve the website traffic that they desire.

If you choose to run multiple campaigns with us, we combine the management fee into one sum to make it easier.

The great thing about online advertising is that a lot of it is transferable, as the campaign is linked to your account, rather than individual campaigns acting on their own volition.

Should you wish to do this, we would be more than happy to. All we ask is that you commit for at least two months to allow the changes to take effect, and for us to make sure the transition has gone through without compromising on the performance of your results.

Hopefully you have come away from this page with a better understanding of digital marketing and what we can do to help. If you want to talk to one of our marketing specialists about crafting such a campaign for you, please feel free to fill out our enquiry form below. You can also speak to us directly by either sending us an email, or phoning us too.