Create a Social Media Profile that Matters

Social media marketing has been the great leveller for at least a decade now, allowing smaller businesses in Hobart and Tasmania to play on an even playing field with much bigger enterprises.

Whether it be using now famous platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, social media continues to be a main focus for advertising efforts in Hobart and Tasmania, and indeed right across the country. The power to connect your business to enthusiastic followers is there, and the rewards are enormous if it’s done effectively.

Getting your message out there, however, is quite hard to pull off, as it requires a real understanding of what those who would be interested in your products or services are looking for. At DigiBite Studio, our social media marketing team does have this understanding, and are able and willing to utilise it for the betterment of your organisation.

Our social media gurus are adept at identifying trends and demographic areas in which your brand can grow on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By doing this, they’ll be able to turn your social media profile into a vibrant hub of expertise and constant engagement.

Reputation Management That Works

One of the most challenging aspects of social media for any business or organisation is its online reputation. With reviews and quick commentary all easily accessible for users across all of social media, it is vital to maintain a positive reputation.

Reputation management is essentially the practice of highlighting good reviews, encouraging these to be posted, as well as fostering a generally positive user experience overall.

Our reputation management team can help your brand in Hobart or anywhere else in Tasmania enjoy all of the positives of social media, without any of the negatives. Through the fostering of such a positive experience, you and your followers in turn will be able to share with others just what makes your business or organisation so special.

A working reputation management system also helps to create an overall healthy social media page, no matter what platforms you are using.

Thoughtful and Engaging Facebook Advertising

Despite having many contenders, Facebook is just as bustling as it used to be, and is by far and large Hobart and Tasmania’s most popular social media platform. Its easy to use interface, along with its sophisticated Facebook advertising platform, allows for a great deal of potential for any type of business or organisation.

Our Facebook advertising team have worked closely with Facebook for Businesses for over a decade, helping many people just like you create a real thriving page that encourages positive engagement, whilst also showcasing your brand’s achievements in the best light possible.

What’s more, we know intuitively how Facebook users respond to advertising strategies, and will be able to guide you to knowing which strategy will provide you with the most benefits.

Our team are alone in being able to reliably identify target demographics that will allow you to expand your brand towards those who are actively interested in and seeking out your products or services.

Showcase the Best of Your Business with Instagram

Instagram marketing relies heavily on captivating and compelling imagery, and is ideal for any anyone that resides in the tourism, fashion, handcrafting, or hospitality sectors. Successful Instagram marketing allows you to showcase the best bits of your products of services.

Instagram marketing largely aims to make the most of any images or footage you have of what you provide and what you do, providing would be customers a little sneak peak into who you are and what you do.

For those in the sectors where it matters most, providing this little teaser to Instagram users and making a good first impression often turns into a direct lead of enquiry or purchase.

Our highly experienced Instagram marketing team will be able to allow you to make the most of the platform, showcasing your wares, dining area, or your tourism business. They will know which areas of your business will work the best, and help to foster a positive first impression of you and your brand.

Get Your Message Out There on Twitter

Twitter marketing is all content driven. The more content you have, the more likely Twitter’s committed fanbase will receive your message well. For not-for-profit organisations or businesses that are involved in the tech or law sectors, the Twitter platform will work best in amplifying your voice.

Twitter marketing often works well in conjunction with a website full of valuable content, and can garner more direct traffic to your most important pages compared to other media.

Twitter’s party piece is, of course, its hashtag, allowing any profile to either start a conversation, or add to one that is continuing. For not-for-profit or other advocacy organisations, this offers enormous power to start grassroots support with your message as the focal point.

Working alongside your efforts, our Twitter marketers will be able to create a profile that will encourage users to read and engage with both your content and your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If done right, advertising on social media does have the potential to garner direct leads of enquiry, make instant purchases, and in general can get your business’ name or special events out there for the world to see. But that’s the key - if done right.

Every business is unique, and every industry or sector likewise will come with its own quirks that will impact how people respond to your content, and even what kind of content is most beneficial for your marketing efforts.

Being able to identify what your audience is looking for ensure that any such social media marketing campaign delivers back to you in spades.

Reputation management is vital, and is increasingly becoming ever more important the more your brand’s profile is connected to your ongoing, working routine.

Whilst it would be highly recommended for more older and established businesses, there is some benefit for brand new organisations too. Being able to cultivate positive reviews quickly will allow you to get a leg up on your competition quicker than without good reputation management.

Whatever is easiest for you!

We can be and are happy to either provide only consultation on refining your overall strategy and indicating areas of growth and trends. Conversely, we have a full creative team here at DigiBite Studio, and they will be more than willing and capable of representing your business in the best light possible.

Our social media marketers have been plying their trade in Hobart, across Tasmania, and even right all over the country for over a decade.

This unique depth of experience allows them to precisely pinpoint areas of your page’s data where improvements can be made, as well as being able to identify trends that may be beneficial for your business.

No, definitely not. One of the great misnomers is that you do need to be on every single platform there is. However, each platform, like every business, has its own loyal fanbase and their own particularities.

Our digital marketing team are well placed and more than adept to be able to inform you on which particular platform best suits your business. Depending on what you do, it may be beneficial to be on all of them, or maybe having only an Instagram page my be enough to reap great rewards.

We hope that you got a lot of information about social media and what we can do for you from this page. If you’d like to know more, or want to talk to us about making your business hit its stride online, get in touch with us today by filling out the enquiry form below. If you’d rather speak to us directly, you can also send us an email, or call us the old fashioned way.