Have Your Website Create a Stunning First Impression!

Our web designers in Hobart have a keen eye on what looks good, they would know - they've done it many times.

Our web design team in Hobart have created websites over the years with two simple goals in mind; that they represent the business' brand perfectly, and that they function well. It's not just enough to have a site that looks pretty, it's gotta work, too!

Everyone involved in our team has participated on projects with various scope. From small businesses in Hobart and surrounds, to Australia-wide brands. Our flexible services allow us to tailor our services to any budget, without compromising on our quality.

We aren't just a web design company in Hobart, however. We have tailored our services around the very ethos of a website. You can click on any of the cards below to find out more about our other three core competencies.

Elegant Web Design, Respecting Your Brand

Any website design needs to do two things - grab attention, and showcase the business. Fail any one of these, and the website design will fall flat.

This isn't an easy thing to do, as what all of us like design wise differs, and how we use a website can differ even further. This is where experience in knowing what is involved comes to the fore, and where we can help.

At DigiBite Studio, we look at how the overall design looks and fits into your branding. More importantly, we also take into account what your customers are expecting from a website that is offering your products or services.

By doing this, we marry the two principles together. We create a best of both worlds scenario - respecting your brand, whilst also giving your customers what they're after.

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The Nature of Your Business, the Nature of Your Design

The nature of what you do as a business or organisation in Hobart dictates what your website will look like. Similar to how your actual store would function, customers expect a certain design ethos, depending on what they're shopping for.

This may seem like a limit on what you are able to achieve, but don't fret! It's more of a guideline, and a good one at that as it allows you to better communicate with your clients and customers, ultimately opening up your chance to make that sale or get that enquire you so desire.

Our web designers are fully aware of this, and whilst those certain guidelines are expected, the world outside of that really is your oyster. Working with the data of what your customers want, our web design team in Hobart will be able to fully create something that not just looks good, but works to do what a website is ultimately set up to do - get a lead.

Along with the website's looks, our team will also make sure that the content and any graphical representation also fits into this, tying in your brand with your sector or industry to help your business' name shine.

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Project Expectation & Budget

Your project manager assigned to your web design project will be able to identify what type of look will suit in this regard.

We make it our duty to keep you posted on the progress of your web design, or indeed any other parts of the project that we're working on. You'll have real-time access to how everything is going, and questions or feedback are always appreciated by our team!

On top of this, we won't ever offer you a solution that we don't think will work, that's just not us. DigiBite Studio formed as a full-stack development team with lots of project experience for a reason, so that we can do things differently.

This also extends to the budget that ultimately you will set, and that we will have to work with. We have a wide range of working with both small and large budgets when it comes to web design, and have previously worked very hard to still deliver amazing outcomes corresponding to that budget level.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a bit of a "how long is a piece of string?" answer, but generally a very simple non eCommerce website (homepage, 3-5 landing pages), can be completed and built in conjunction with our web development efforts within 1-2 months.

eCommerce stores designed from scratch can vary widely over 4 months, depending on how many products you have, and how complex the store is. A highly varied store with numerous categories will always be more complex and take longer, for instance.

Your project manager will be able to provide you with a much better idea, tailored to the specifics of the project that have been discussed over time.

An extremely common question, and one that unfortunately has a similar answer to the previous question.

Generally, it is encouraged to not embark on a custom web design without an expected total investment of AUD $4,000 (exc. GST). This does not mean however that this is the starting price - our team are more than happy to arrange payment plans as we know that a website is an integral part of your business, just as a renting or loaning for a physical store is.

Simply put, no. Our web design quotes as provided by our project managers will factor in the time spent on conducting the work to bring your business or start-up idea to life.

Website design quotes are the whole sum of their parts once completed. Any variation costs are on whether you wish to add or change the project's scope during the design or building process.

More than happy to. Our web designers have helped numerous start-ups over time even create the essence of their banding, and will be happy to do the same again for you.

They will want to have a simple sit down and chat with you to get what your idea is, what your mission is, and what you want to achieve. Along with your design tastes - of course - we can create the beginning of your brand in the digital world with ease.

As a general rule, we strongly discourage that. There are far too many working pieces to either deliver you a working outcome without extensive work, or to even be able to guarantee you that the solution will work at all.

We design our websites to what we know and believe will work, and to be able to do that for another agency, as you can imagine, is highly difficult.

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